Consumer Fraud/Environmental Protection Unit


The specific responsibilities of the Consumer Fraud and Environmental Protection Unit are to:

  • Investigate and prosecute consumer fraud;
  • Conduct consumer education;
  • Investigate and prosecute environmental violations;
  • Investigate and prosecute "white collar" and criminal fraud complaints;

Report of Potential Violations

If you wish to report a potential violation of law arising from the area of responsibility of the Consumer Fraud or Environmental Protection Unit, please create an account and fill out our online complaint form.

Additional Resources for Consumer Reporting and Information

State Department of Consumer Affairs provides general information:

The Federal Bureau of Investigations maintains an internet crime complaint center: FBI Cyber Crime Complaints

The Federal Trade Commission maintains a consumer protection center: FTC Consumer Complaint

The Federal Trade Commission provides consumer alerts via email, sign up here: FTC Consumer Alert Mailing List

The Better Business Bureau maintains a consumer complaint database: Better Business Bureau Complaint

Click on this link for a current list of Emergency Orders related to Price Gouging.


Consumer Fraud/Environmental Protection Unit
701 Ocean Street, Room 200
Santa Cruz, CA 95060
(831) 454-2050